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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Cross and the Person of Christ # 14

The Cross and the Throne

In the first place the case of Christ is cited as an example. "Existing in God-form ... emptied himself, taking the form of a bondservant ... humbled himself, becoming obedient unto death, yea, the death of the Cross. Wherefore also God highly exalted him, and gave unto him the name which is above every name ..."

Then the Apostle is seen to be aspiring with a tremendous aspiration unto something that he calls "the prize of the on-high calling". It looks very much as tough this is all of a piece with the call and promise to the Overcomers of the Laodicean Church. "He that overcometh, I will give to him to sit down with me in my throne ..." (Revelation 3:21).

Thus it is clear from these Scriptures that not all will "attain," and a special work of the Cross is basic to attaining. The Cross has to deal with our "mindedness." "Have this mind in you." "Emptied himself." This "mindedness" is seen in Paul. "I count all things to be loss ... and do count them but refuse." Into the balances with the throne both Christ and Paul placed all personal "gain." Position, rights, reputation, advantages, etc.; this was the way and outworking of the Cross. "Obedient unto death." "Becoming conformed unto his death."

It is all so much a matter of 'mindedness.' There was a situation at Philippi which represented a real hindrance to that "pressing on" and "attaining," a real challenge to "the on-high calling." Two people were not of one mind; there was a clash and a breach. The implications seem to be that personal interests and earthly considerations were the strength of this strain. Only as the Cross is dealt with that 'mindedness,' and made way for Christ-mindedness could the way be cleared for apprehending that for which they had been apprehended by Christ Jesus. satan is terribly against saints coming to the throne. That throne and that transcendent Name mean his final undoing. He knows that a 'mindedness' which is not the fruit of death to self and resurrection to Christ alone can frustrate that Divine "calling." Everything, then, lies behind this throne-union - "Romans," "Corinthians," "Galatians," "Ephesians," "Colossians," and "Philippians," in their specific and cumulative application of the truth that the Spirit always works by the Cross, and the Cross always leads on to the Spirit.

~T. Austin-Sparks~

(continued with # 15 - "The Cross and the "So Great Salvation")

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