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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Poems/Songs/Humns of Praise and Worship

Ye Sons of Adam, Vain and Young

~Isaac Watts~

Ye sons of Adam, vain and young,
Indulge your eyes, indulge your tongue,
Tasts the delights your souls desire,
And give a loose to all your fire.

Pursue the pleasures you design,
And cheer your hearts with songs and wine;
Enjoy the day of mirth, but know
There is a day of judgment, too.

God from on high records your thoughts,
His book records your secret faults;
The works of darkness you have done
Must all appear before the sun.

The vengeance to your follies due
Should strike your hearts with terror through:
How will you stand before His face,
Or answer for His injured grace?

Almighty God! Turn off their eyes
From these alluring vanities;
And let the thunder of Thy Word
 Awake their souls to fear the Lord.

Victory Through Grace

~Fanny J. Crosby~

Conquering now and still to conquer,
rideth a King in His might;
Leading the host of all the faithful
into the midst of the fight;
See them with courage advancing,
clad in their brilliant array,
Shouting the Name of their Leader,
hear them exultingly say:

Not to the strong is the battle,
not to the swift is the race,
Yet to the true and the faithful vict'ry
is promised through grace.

Conquering now and still to conquer,
who is this wonderful King?
Whence are the armies whichHe leadeth,
whileof His glory they sing?
He is our Lord and Redeemer,
Saviour and Monarch divine;
They are the stars that forever bright
in His Kingdom shall shine.

Conquering nowand still to conquer,
Jesus, Thou Ruler of all,
Thrones and their scepters all shall perish,
crowns and their splendor shall fall,
Yet shall the armies Thou leadest,
faithful and true to the last,
Find in Thy mansions eternal rest,
when their warfare is past.

Rock of Ages, Cleft for Me

~Augusus M. Toplady~

Rock of Ages,cleft for me,
let me hide myself in Thee;
let the water and the blood,
from Thy wounded side which flowed,
be of sin the double cure;
save from wrath and make me pure.

Not the labors of my hands
canfulfill Thy law's commands;
could my zeal no respite know,
could my tears forever flow,
all for sin could not atone;
Thou must save, and Thou alone.

Nothing in my hand I bring,
simply to the Cross I cling;
naked, come to thee for dress;
helpless, look to Thee for grace;
foul, I to the fountain fly;
wash me Saviour, or I die.

While I draw this fleeting breath,
when mine eyes shall close in death,
when I soar to worlds unknown,
see Thee on Thy judgment throne,
Rock of Ages, cleft for me,
let me hide myself in Thee.

Jesus Only

~Ralph E. Hudson~

Jesus only, when the sinful heart
Would lay its burden down;
Jesus only takes the weary load
And bears it as His own.

Jesus only, Jesus only,
From the cradle to the grave;
Jesus only, Jesus only,
For no other name can save.

Jesus only helps the wayward feet
To keep the narrow way;
Jesus only guides the wav'ring soul,
Lest it in sin should stray.

Jesus only, when the weary one
May lay the armor down;
Jesus only takes the heavy cross,
And gives the shining crown.

Jesus only, when the ransomed soul
Has reached the "Golden Shore!"
Jesus only, this shall be my song,
Forever, evermore.

Work, For the Night Is Coming

~Anna L. Coghill~

Work, for the night is coming,
Work through the morning hours;
Work while the dew is sparkling,
Work 'mid springing flowers;

Work when the day grows brighter,
Work in the glowing sun;
Work, for the night is coming,
When man's work is done.

Work, for the night is coming,
Work through the sunner noon;
Fill brightest hours with labor,
Rest comes sure and soon.

Give every flying minute,
Something to keep in store;
Work, for the night is coming,
When man works no more.

Work, for the night is coming,
Under the sunset skies;
While their bright tints are glowing,
Work, for daylight flies.

Work till the last beam fadeth,
Fadeth to shine no more;
Work, while the night is darkening,
When man's work is o'er.

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