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Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Alpha and the Omega # 3

Christ: Agent, Pattern, and Goal of Creation

Christ is the first and the last in creation, so says the Word. In that letter to the Colossians, to which we have just referred, the Apostle tells us clearly and precisely that "in Him were all things created", and that "He is before all things" (1:16, 19). The Apostle John, at the beginning of his gospel, tells us the same thing, that "all things were made through Him" (1:3). He is the beginning in creation. In the Letter to the Hebrews, we are told that the ages were made through Him, they came into being through Him (1:2). In this book of Revelation, we read: "These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God ..." (3:14). He is the Alpha and Omega in creation: here He is the Alpha, the very Agent and Instrument of creation.

He was creation's design, for all things were made to be a temporal and material expression of spiritual and moral realities in the Son of God. If we had eyes and understanding to see the deeper secrets of an unfallen creation, a vast universe from the hand of God, we should see, in everything, something that speaks of the Son of God - His spiritual, His moral character, and His supreme place in the whole system of God. He is the pattern of creation: "of Him, and through Him, and unto Him, are all things" (Romans 11:36); and He is declared to be the completion, the finish, of the creation of God. He is the Alpha and the Omega.

~T. Austin-Sparks~

(continued with # 4 - "Christ First and Last In Redemption")

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